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Lightbox advertising promotes the requirements of the screen
Category: Common Problem
Date: 2015-06-11
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Author: 佚名

Lightbox advertisements are now everywhere, and various texts and patterns complement each other. It is good-looking, attracting everyone's attention, effectively improving people's visual impact; improving the utilization ratio of advertising units, and the advertising effect is self-evident. So what are the requirements for the light box advertising campaign? From the small series to summarize the following points:
The color of the light box advertisement screen should be bright, and it must have a huge impact. Since some advertising light box screens are mostly made of plexiglass and new flexible ultra-thin light box cloth, it is not appropriate to use a variety of colors for combination, which will not only increase the difficulty of production, but also affect the communication function of the advertisement. Excessive color can cause people's eyes to fatigue. The gray color can not be ignored by the pedestrians, and the advertising content is ignored. It can't achieve the impact of huge impact, so the color of the advertising light box must be bright. To give people a stimulus, in order to attract visual attention to attract people to watch advertising.
Lightbox graphics should be expressive and more realistic, which will help deepen the understanding, understanding and memory of the picture. Generally, the light box advertisement has a relatively small picture, and it cannot introduce and express more space and image. The advertisement content to be expressed must also be very conspicuous, so that people can see at a glance. Especially the pedestrians who walk in the dynamics, let them attract attention in an instant, look up and look amazed, look back and forth. I did not forget it.

The text should be easy to read and easy to remember, and the font should not be too fancy. The light box is different from other advertisements, and it is mainly based on text. A good plan must have a good text structure to match, the text should not be too fancy, otherwise it will affect the effective communication in an instant, so it is necessary to use the text design very well, which requires us artists to improve the re-creation of the art characters, Chinese characters have All kinds of treasures are the treasures of the motherland's culture. When using them, we must pay attention to the times, science and cleanliness. If the text structure and beautification are too many and too complicated, the picture will not be concise, but too simple will make the picture lose its appeal.

It is not easy to be deformed, which is one of the basic characteristics of the picture material used inside the advertising light box. Because if the internal picture of the advertising light box is distorted, the display effect will be reduced, and the function of the advertising light box will be stabilized.

Ensure that the light box screen does not fade, and the material inside the advertising light box should not be faded or discolored.

With good splicing, the splicing performance of the material of the picture directly affects the overall effect of the picture.

The color and saturation of the light box screen should be good. The color and saturation of the internal light of the advertising light box should be highlighted. 

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