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Depth analysis of the development status and future trends of small-pitch LED displays
Category: Industry News
Date: 2017-08-12
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Author: 佚名

Compared with conventional products, small-pitch LED displays have higher profits and are also dumped by many LED companies. Although the profit is tempting, the entry threshold is not low. A good small-pitch product is not a single enterprise, but requires the precise cooperation of the entire LED industry chain.

1, to do a good job of small spacing, depending on what factors?

Completely solve the visual defects of the spliced large screen image and realize complete seamlessness. Throughout China's current large-screen splicing system, many display screens still have more stitching seams in the work. For example, LCD splicing system, the gap is too large, the current minimum seam of 3.5mm, can not meet the needs of users; and plasma and back projection large screen splicing system has more advantages than liquid splicing technology, but from its vision In effect, there are still a large number of dividing lines. Even if LCD, DLP, and PDP technologies are applied in engineering, only the gap can be reduced, and it cannot be completely eliminated. The seamless LED splicing technology can completely solve the problem of screen segmentation and achieve complete seamlessness.

 2, using low temperature and efficient power supply technology.

 The power supply system determines the temperature of the screen when the display is working. It is well known that the operating temperature of the electronic product affects the life and failure rate of the product itself. The long-term high-temperature work will have a great impact on the display bead, and finally cause a large area of "dead lights." "Or "caterpillars" and other phenomena; some LED manufacturers such as Lianjian Optoelectronics use high-reliability centralized power supply technology to ensure that the power supply system does not cause a blackout of the unit module due to a single power failure, minimizing the LED display failure rate, and The use of communication-grade power supply, strong and weak electrical separation, low-pressure, low-temperature operation of the screen, can make the display long-term and stable operation.

3, on the resolution of the problem:

Most of the traditional LED display industry broadcasts a single video image, at most, some characters are superimposed. The video image is slightly compressed or stretched, and the image is not large for people to view, so it is not sensitive to resolution. However, in the field of traditional professional AV display, the resolution requirements are strict. Whether LED small pitch can smoothly enter the professional AV display field is a big problem for many LED manufacturers. Some manufacturers, such as the 8:9 aspect ratio design and unit module and point spacing of Lianjian Optoelectronics original unit module, solve this problem and easily realize the 4:3 or 16:9 large screen display ratio. Under the dual conditions of the signal source and the established scene, the display unit is highly flexible and fully meets many standard signal sources in the AV field. To make a small-pitch product, it means extending the target market from the traditional advertising media market to Control room market, digital signage market, conference room market, home appliance market, etc., because these markets are the main application market for small pitch products. To do a good job of small spacing, you need strong technical strength and financial strength. Need strong marketing ability, need strong product quality control ability, need strong product service ability (including pre-sale and after-sale technical support service), need strong product realization (mining customer demand and Meet the needs) ability. Do a good job of small spacing, technically, just like the conventional display screen, after several years of development, there is basically no technical threshold, but the differentiation will become less and less obvious; from the perspective of the market, the positioning of each enterprise It is the most crucial. It is impossible for so many companies with small spacing to be the same for every family. If everyone is the same, then it is bound to be a vicious price competition. Therefore, differentiation can avoid some competition. In the future, the differentiation of product positioning will gradually transition to the differentiation of enterprise market positioning.

LED small-pitch display is promising, and future small-pitch products will tend to be modeled. Small spacing has developed on TV, and there is a certain market for commercial display. Of course, some people think that small spacing has a market in civilian display. It can only be said that everyone's views are different. In the future, the small spacing will have a place in the indoor display, and it may exceed the other types of display products, and the proportion will be higher.

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