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  • How to choose the right light box manufacturer

    Choose the manufacturer of the light box manufacturers, we must choose the manufacturers with large scale and strong reputation. The quality of the products produced by such manufacturers is guarantee...

  • The unique advantages of LED light boxes

    he LED advertising light box combines the advantages of neon lights. It can be flashed uninterrupted during the day and night, and the combination of motion and static attracts people's attention. All...

  • Where to buy a plastic light box?

    The blister light box is also a kind of light box, and it is also a common light box that is common in the streets. The shape can be small or large, but it can be gardened and has many specifications,...

  • Advertising light box screen design considerations

    So what should you pay attention to in the design of the advertising light box screen? The following is summarized by Xiaobian:1. The graphics of the light box should be expressive. In the graphic des...

  • Where is the acrylic light box better?

    Acrylic light boxes have become another new highlight in the outdoor advertising production industry after neon lights, painting and engraving. At the same time, the wide application of acrylic light ...

  • How to repair outdoor advertising blister light boxes?

    The blister light box is a three-dimensional luminous word processing technology, which is made of acrylic material. It has the characteristics of high compressive strength, good light transmission, c...

  • Common problems and solutions for blister light boxes

    1. Our store has been refurbished now. There is no way to order the fixed size of the plastic light box. Can this light box be customized according to the size of the reserved position of our store?A:...