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We do not respect individual heroes!
We advocate team strength, crystallize personal wisdom with teamwork, and create value above conventional addition.
The foundation of the Shun Tai team is to respect each member, including individual values, interests and achievements, etc...

The core of our team is synergy and democratic unity. We do not require team members to express the so-called team spirit by sacrificing themselves. On the contrary, we also advocate the swaying of individuality, exerting special strengths, fulfilling their responsibilities and demonstrating their abilities in the unified goal and clear division of labor. Let all members' centripetal force and cohesion tend to be close to an ideal absolute value. Although we can't reach it, we firmly believe that it will get closer and closer.


The soul of our team is a word - love. Love is both home. The home is the habitat of the soul. We advocate dedicated and enthusiastic work to make each member efficient and fulfilling; we advocate the virtue of solidarity and mutual assistance, so that love is no longer the aura of the mouth; we encourage free and easy, environmentally friendly and low-carbon healthy life; we will be together in leisure time Enjoy beautiful seconds of music, a cup of coffee, or a cup of Tieguanyin...

Our talent recruitment principle: both ability and political integrity, re-use; morality and talent, training; talented, no virtue, prudent use; no virtue, no talent, abandoned.

At the source of talent absorption, we strictly control and absorb and cultivate talents with professional ethics and integrity.

Promote a free, relaxed and energetic creative design and production atmosphere.

Hundreds of flowers bloom, hundreds of schools contend, the same spring.

People do their best. Each member of the team has different characteristics and personality, so that each person can be integrated into the team to play their biggest advantage.
The world is more beautiful because of us.